2015/2016 Serie A wages visualized

Every year La Gazzetta dello Sport releases Serie A player salaries. This year the pink newspaper released them on the 6th of September and I have visualized them using Tableau.

Teams are sorted by total team salaries (in descending order). The tooltip is responsive, so you can visualize any player salary simply browsing with your mouse over the shapes. Click team name to view total team salaries, or Ctrl+click to select any combination of players.

You can acces the data visualization by clicking on the image below.

Screen Shot 09-09-15 at 12.49 PM

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FC Porto succes in the transfermarket visualized


In football, there are many ways to approach the transfer-market: from relying in a short-term, aggressive policy of buying the best players from around the world like Paris-Saint-Germain and Manchester City to producing  home-grown talent through the club academy to sell on a regular basis, like Ajax or Anderlecht. But the best example we have seen in the last decade is that of FC Porto,  which have consolidated themselves as the undisputed kings of the market. Since winning the Champions League in 2004 with José Mourinho on the bench, they have cashed in a total of € 782,53 million from players sales, according to transfermarkt data.

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